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Thursday, April 11, 2013

All Settled In

After only six nights on the road, we arrived at our new summer home, the Rochester Canandaigua KOA.  We were warmly welcomed by Victor and Kathy, the managers here.  Our site here is one of the nicest (aside from the premium patio pull-thru sites).  We have a nice back-in site with a small wooden patio with a view of the pond and the woods.  There are very few people in the park right now, with the exception of people passing through. Unfortunately it is still very cool and has been very rainy the past few days.


Our new site and new trailer


Views from our site



We arrived on Saturday and were able to get everything set up with the exception of the water, which had not been turned on yet in our section due to the cold weather (it has since been turned on).  We are the only work campers here (the others will arrive around the 1st of May) but we started working on Sunday.  After three days of working, I am happy with my progress of learning the reservation system even though I am told I will not have a sure feel of it until the end of the season.  I have also been busy stocking the store and doing some cleaning in the office.  Ray has been working with Victor doing large projects around the park to get it up and running, cutting trees, cleaning up brush, installing air conditioners in the cabins etc.  Once May starts we will be working almost forty hours a week, but that is okay because we enjoy the work and then we will be ready to take the winters off from working.

Sunday we had Lori & Greg out for dinner and Wednesday Raymond and Michelle came out.  It was so nice to finally meet her and she is a sweetheart.  We were so happy to see them all after being gone for six months and they are all so thrilled that we will be in Florida next year.

I also answered a call in the office Tuesday from someone looking to see if we had a site available.  Turned out to be Tim and Debbie Creaghan from our old park in Texas.  They had been traveling across Canada to head back to New Brunswick when the weather turned bad and there were no parks open.  They crossed into the US and drove along Rt. 90 until they came to this park. They had no idea we were staying and working here. They pulled in that evening and we enjoyed getting together with them for a drink and conversation.  It is amazing the friends you make and later run into when you are in this lifestyle.

Mickey and Jerry are loving the new park as well, and have even been going to the dog park since there are no other dogs here right now (that is, when it is not pouring out).  They are still trying to get used to the new RV, they seem to wander around like lost little puppies with Jerry looking for his old chair.  He sleeps in the corner on the floor so I will have to buy him a nice new bed.  Of course, Mickey has taken over the couch but has been pacing so much due to fear of the thunder and lightning storms we have been having. 

Looking forward to warm sunny weather and a great season here.

Journey Home

We left Mission, Texas on Easter Sunday and drove to Northeast Dallas RV park.  It was a long day but we wanted to get through San Antonio, Austin and Dallas on a weekend.  The park used to be a KOA so it was fairly nice.  We spent one night there and then headed to Tunica, MS where we spent three nights at Hollywood Casino RV Park which came highly recommended by several friends who have stayed there. We were a little disappointed, felt like we were staying in a parking lot and it was lit up like a baseball stadium.  Sam’s Town across the road is only partially reopened after being flooded out two years ago and have no internet or cable yet, otherwise we would have stayed there for $10.00 a night less.  Since we are not big gamblers, 3 nights was long enough to stay there.
We left Tunica with anticipation of looking at a new 5th wheel near Dayton, Ohio.  We spent the night at Hueston Woods State Park to be close to D & D RV Dealership. We pulled into the park around 5:00 and it was pretty cold out so we didn’t have much time to check out the park.  We did notice upon entering, a nice covered bridge.  The drawback to this park is that there are no water hookups.  They were still in the process of opening the campground but it was pretty crowded since it was spring break for the kids.  It would probably not be a park we would stay at again but the location was convenient.
We arrived at D & D’s at 8:30 the following morning, not knowing what to expect since the internet is not a true picture all the time.  Well, we were pleasantly surprised.  Not only was the RV everything it was advertised to be, but the people at the small dealership were great to work with.  Within 4 hours we had all the paperwork done, our belongings moved from one rig to the other and we were back on the road.
IMG_0549 IMG_0561


We spent one more night on the road, (it was 27 degrees that night) so we were glad to have the new rig which is much better insulated than the old one. Our last night we stayed at Presque Isle Passage RV Park in Erie, Ohio.  It was the only park we could find open yet along the route and it turned out to be a nice park. We would definitely stay here again if we were in the area.