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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our favorite pastime is taking drives and seeing what is in the surrounding area.  We drove into the city of Kissimmee to see if it was worth the short drive.  A short walk down Main Street revealed a city trying to revitalize with some new cafes and pubs.  It also had it's share of vacant storefronts.

From here we walked over to Lakefront Park.  Along the way we encountered some sculptures as part of the Kissimmee Sculpture Experience who's goal is to advance their place as an art and cultural community.
Notice the left arm is disconneccted from the hand

"Swirling Doodle"
"Copacabana Wave"

It was gorgeous sunny weather to enjoy a stroll through Lakefront Park on Lake Toho.  It is a beautiful well maintained park that was recently part of a huge renovation in Kissimmee.  There is wildlife, fishing pier, marina and several pavilions to rent as well as playgrounds.

We got a chuckle out of the sign on this hotel on the way out of town. It's someplace special alright!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Time for Celebration!

One of my favorite places in Central Florida is Celebration.  It is a census-designated place developed by the Walt Disney World Company.  It is a nice place for a stroll, with it's parks, fountains, small shops and restaurants and well as beautiful homes with lovely manicured lawns.

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Emmalyn was on a roller coaster ride while we were home for the holidays.  Happy and smiling one minute, screaming and spitting up for hours after.  We all chalked it up to the reflux she was diagnosed with earlier.

We left for Florida and made it to North Carolina when we received a call from Lori that Emmalyn was not acting right. Needless to say we did not sleep that night and probably should have turned back around.

After heading out in the morning we received another call that she would not wake up even to eat so Lori & Greg took her to Golisano's Children's Hospital.  We arrived back to our site in Florida on New Year's Eve and turned around, rented a car and headed back to New York after hearing that they wanted to do a spinal tap on Emmalyn.  It was the longest 20 hours of us praying all the way with tears in between.

Turned out she was dehydrated and had two viruses.  She was in the hospital for eight days, mainly because they had to get her to eat again.

We stayed until she was home a few days and feeling better.  We are so thankful for our strong faith and that God answered our prayers.  God bless you Little Emmalyn!

Get this IV out of me!

I'm watching you!

Can you tell from the smile I'm on the mend?

Better discharge me soon or else!