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Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Tourist Town

Tonight we spent an enjoyable evening with some old friends at Sodus Point, NY.  It is a small tourist town on Sodus Bay about 20 minutes from our campground.  It is home to several restaurants and bars which look out over the water and have rooftop tiki bars.  It is a hangout for bikers as well, as many as 50 can line the streets on a weekend night.  Tonight however was relatively quiet.

I seem to notice there is a nautical theme to the weather vanes in this area.  The last one I photographed was a sailboat and this one is a fish. Below is the small visitor center you pass as you enter the town.  The gardens are just beautiful.
 Here we are enjoying good food and cold beer with great friends.

This is Captain Jack for whom the restaurant/bar was named for.  A bit tacky if you ask me.

Outside the visitor center is this nice little patio, a nice spot to sit a spell and enjoy the sights.  Upon leaving the restaurant tonight we saw a young girl with this Albino snake wrapped around her neck.  She was nice enough to hold him so that I could get a picture.  Something I have never seen before.
Well, I went in to use the restroom and noticed this etched on the wall.  Now, you might ask why I took a picture of it.  Well, not sure who G-Dog is but Ray was called Ray Ray when he was young so I couldn't resist.  Maybe he knows something he's not telling me!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day at Fair Haven

After Fathers Day dinner at the campsite we decided to take a short drive to Fair Haven, NY. Fair Haven is a small, quaint village surrounding Little Sodus Bay, a two mile bay with break walls leading to Lake Ontario. Fair Haven is a summer resort area that features some of the best swimming, fishing and boating along with camping at Fair Haven State Park. It is home to many restaurants and bars which you can walk, ride or boat to. This is the view from Phillips Park on Main St. in the village. I love this house and the peacefulness this photo brings.

While Ray and Raymond decided to fish from the pier opposite this home, Lori, Greg and I decided to stroll through the village to see what was there.

Above is the Little Sodus Inn, a small restaurant and pub which sits on the banks of the bay. We will have to come back and enjoy a dinner or drink here while watching the sailboats on the bay.

Even though this village is only about 3 blocks long, they had a square in the middle with a nice park and gardens. There was also a memorial to the Korean, WWI and WWII veterans. In the front of the photo is a light, and I am sure it is nice to see it all lit up at night.

There was a gazebo in the square as well where I am sure they probably hold small town band concerts and other services. I couldn't help but to capture a picture of the weather vane with a sailboat on top, so appropriate for this area.

After leaving a small gift shop, I noticed this sign and had to chuckle.  Bet you can guess which way I will head the
next time I visit here.  That is, of course, after stopping for a cold one at the Irish Pub.

It has been said that the Fair Haven sunset is rivaled in beauty only by those in Japan. We will have to return some evening and see if that is true and steal a photo or two of it.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Despite the hot and humid weather, we had a very enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. Our park is so quiet during the week but Thursday night it began filling up for the long weekend and by Friday night it was full to capacity.  Each weekend we seem to meet another one of our neighbors and have made some great friends here.  It seems like all we did was cook, eat and drink with them this weekend. Of course, Ray was the official griller and margharita maker. 
Horseshoe tournaments are a big thing at this park.  Here is Ray playing a game just for fun. 

Not only have WE made new friends, but Mickey and Jerry have as well.  I think there is a dog at every site here.
This little Shitzu is Maggie.  She was rescued by our friends a year ago at which time she was so frightened of everything that they couldn't even pet her.  She has come along way but is happiest sitting under her owners lawn chair and remaining unnoticed.  Of course Mickey and Jerry like her because she keeps a low profile.
I tried to crop the neighbors legs and feet out of this picture but was having a problem with it.  Despite that, this little dog is Savannah.  She is another rescue dog, and believe it or not, another one that Mickey and Jerry are fond of.  I think that is because she just roams around by herself and minds her own business.  Unlike Maggie, she loves for you to give her attention and she loves to eat.
Last but not least is Bobby.  He is a cute little 8 year old rugrat.  This one is not a friend of Mickeys.  Not sure what it is since Bobby is a very quiet, but him and Mickey do not see eye-to-eye.
On Memorial Day the kids came out to visit and we took a ride to the lake to walk along the bluffs and take in the scenery.  There is something about being near the water that is just so relaxing.  And there were so many boats on the water since it was a nice sunny day.  We also took our granddog Annie for her first swim.  She would run in the lake and swim for a few minutes and then run out.  We think the water was probably a little too cold for her.
After the trip to the lake it was back to the campground for a cookout, followed by a 90 degree day campfire.
Annie loves to sit in a camp chair and watch the campfire but she was so tired from her swim that she fell asleep.
We listened to another camper play the bagpipes and remembered what this day was all about, remembering those in the military who serve or have served to fight for our freedom, and those who have sacrificed their lives so we can enjoy this wonderful life we have.  God Bless you all.