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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Sweet Boy

I have been doing very little blogging lately as the internet here is limited as to how much downloading we can do.  So to say it in words only, we are really enjoying our summer home here and our jobs as well.  It is so great to be close to family and friends.  We have been spending our days off relaxing, fishing, going to different Finger Lakes, taking photos of all the beautiful scenery in the area and hanging out with the kids. Only wish I could publish more of those photos, but guess that will have to wait until we get to our park in Florida in October.

On a sad note, two weeks ago we had to put our little buddy Jerry to sleep due to congestive heart failure.  While the right decision to make, probably the hardest we have ever had to make.  We feel such a void without him, and his brother of 13 years, Mickey, is still lonesome without him and just follows us from room to room (well, that is the 3 rooms that we have). 

We do have such sweet memories of Jerry.  Our favorite is probably this past season at BPV in Mission, TX.  Jerry just loved people (no use for dogs though).  He would take his walk there and go to all the sites where he knew the people had treats for him and would give him attention, especially our neighbors, Tom & Carol.  It is funny how Mickey who was dominant over Jerry is now becoming more like Jerry, very gentle and much calmer.

So here’s to you Jerry, may you run wild and free and get all the treats you desire you sweet boy!