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Monday, August 5, 2013

Mickey’s Travels

Now that Mickey is back to normal after losing his brother, he has been enjoying going places with us and riding in the truck.  Aside from his weekly trips to Burger King for ice cream and Tim Hortons for biscuits, he has been on several little field trips. 
We received an email from our great friends from Texas, Tom and Carol Sykes that they would be spending a night at an RV park an hour from us.  We were so glad to hear that we would have a chance to see them again and of course Mickey couldn't wait to see Uncle Tom and Aunt Carol.  We drove to Southwoods RV Park for a cookout and some great conversation.  It was nice to hear of their recent travels and their plans for their trip to PEI.  We only hope we have an opportunity to meet up with them in Florida.
We also thought we would take Mickey to Naples, NY, a quaint town in the Finger Lakes.  I had been wanting to visit Grimes Glen as I had heard so much about it.  Apparently it is a popular spot for wedding photos.
Here is Mickey at the start of his hike, but not without stopping for a sniff.

There is a nice picnic area and this bridge is the beginning of the trail.  The side of the bridge is painted with fish and and there are small rapids running underneath.


We were told there were high waterfalls about 3/4 of a mile in so decided to take a chance and hike there.  As we got further in the trail was quite steep and very narrow along the falls as well as slippery. Several people were taking the low road which involved removing your shoes and walking across the water.  We figured neither way would work for Mickey as he would get too tired on his own and if I carried him I was afraid of falling with him.  There were also several dogs on the trail that were not leashed so we decided to turn back before reaching the high falls.  It was still a nice day and I would like to return when we can hike the whole way.

Good Wine, Great Friends

We never pass up a chance to enjoy some Finger Lakes Wine with our great friends Ann and John. I am not quite sure what Ray was doing in this photo, but I know Ann was smiling because she had misplaced her sunglasses and was happy to have found them.
The above photos were taken at Miles Winery on Seneca Lake.  There is a story behind this mansion that it is haunted and a new bottle of wine is being bottled which will be called “Ghost”.  They have recently added a bed and breakfast and are soon to open the tasting room on the water.  I’m sure that will be a big hit with all the boaters on the lake.

No matter how many times we travel the roads to the wineries, we always manage to find a new one.  We loved the fact that this one is an Irish Winery called Lacy McGruders. We spent quite a bit of time here talking to the owner and checking out all the neat things they had in there.

                      I just had to take a photo of the neat bathroom.
I’m sure before we leave the Finger Lakes there will be many more trips to the wineries.

Enjoying the Lake

We have been on many field trips, as we call them, since we have been in Canandaigua. Shortly after we arrived here we took a ride (ok, only takes 15 minutes to get there) to Canandaigua Lake to watch Raymond do some fishing and enjoy the beautiful day. While Ray was watching him fish I managed to sneak off and take a few photos from the pier.
                                       Colorful Boat Houses
                                 View across the lake
This small island, known as Squaw Island is the smallest state park in New York.  It is the birth place of the Seneca Indian Nation.  At one time it was much larger but the elements have reduced it to its current size.  Through the efforts of local citizens it is now protected against current erosion.


                           An appropriate lamp post for the pier