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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Peaceful Park

We finally have new WiFi here at the park after a month with little or no service so I am finally able to blog again.  We can not believe that we have been here over six weeks already.  They say time flies when you are having fun, and even though we are working we are having fun.  Each of  us were working over 40 hours a week  but decided that was too much so we cut back to 30 hours a week and now have Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday off.  This allows us more time to explore the area and spend time with family and friends.
We enjoy our peaceful walks through the park, especially during the week when it is so quiet and even find time in the mornings to sit by the pond and listen to all the birds and bullfrogs and watch the fish jump.


There is even time to cast a line or two when the weather permits.

This weekend the park will be full to capacity since it is the holiday weekend, with many activities going on.  I think Ray’s favorite part of his job is following the hay wagon to make sure no little ones fall off.  No wait, that is probably second to getting a paycheck!