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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Our Final Home Site

We left Brunswick and had only been on the road about 30 miles when we blew a tire on the 5th wheel on I-95.  Fortunately Ray knew it blew and was able to get off to the shoulder of the road very quickly.  We assessed the damage (a blown tire, the skirting ripped halfway off the drivers side, and possible damage to the underside of the large slide.  We called Good Sam and within 45 minutes we had the spare tire on the 5th wheel and the skirting duct taped hoping it would hold until we got back to New York.

We had planned on stopping in N. Carolina to visit family and Lancaster, PA for a few days but decided instead to head straight to New York since we have an RV repair shop that we prefer there. Rather than stopping at any RV parks, we spent a night in Virginia at a Holiday Inn Express and then made it back to NY.  Once again we were very fortunate to be able to stay with the kids while the RV was being repaired.

It took 3 weeks to repair, thus causing us to get back to Southwoods RV (our home base in NY) later than usual.  It was great to be back there but realized after a few months that our site was not the best one for us.  It was totally open, no trees or shade and being it was such a hot summer we were rather tired of being inside in the air conditioning.  Luckily a new site opened up and we were able to move there the last month of summer.  We just love the site!  It has trees, shade and is much more private than what we had. Best of all is that is has a huge garden full of perennials.  It needs some work but by next summer should be looking pretty nice.

This will be our final site move so we are making it feel like home.  We purchased a shed from our neighbor who left the park and also a nice fire pit.  We are looking forward to to many great summers here with family and friends.

On a side note, we put four new tires on the 5th wheel and bought a tire pressure monitoring system for it.  It is well worth the money for peace of mind.

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