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Friday, November 11, 2016

Special Moments

We were originally scheduled to leave Southwoods on October 17, the day after Emma's 2nd birthday party.  Due to the prediction of Hurricane Matthew hitting the Carolinas we pushed our departure back a week.  This was not a bad thing for us since it gave us the opportunity to take part in the Halloween weekend at the park.  We had not been there before for this but knew it was the most popular weekend there.

Emma the ladybug and Owen the pumpkin came to join in.  It did not take Emma long to get the hang of trick-or-treating.  Everyone just sits at the end of the driveway and you help yourself to a piece of candy.  She loved to take it and drop it in her pumpkin and throw everyone a kiss.  Owen of course was too small to understand but he sure looked cute.

You can tell from Emma's face that she ate quite a bit of chocolate.  She spent the night at the RV and it sure took her a while to fall asleep after all that sugar.

Staying a week longer also gave Grandpa a chance to take Emma to the mall to ride the carousel and build-a-bear for her birthday.  We were not surprised she chose a bunny since she loves to look for rabbits at the campground. She ran into cousin Nora while she was there too!

Last of all, the delay allowed us to take in the beautiful fall colors of Upstate NY as well as extra visits and campfires with Raymond and Michelle.  So glad we stayed longer!

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